Fees and payment methods

The cost for the drafting of each contract depends on what type of contract the client has requested and on the complexity of the transaction / relationship to be regulated by the contract. Such cost may range from 150 Euros plus VAT, for the simplest cases, to 500 Euros plus VAT, for the most complex cases. Payment methods accepted by italianonlinecontracts are credit card on PayPal circuit and wire transfer.


The client receives his/her quotation within 24 hours after having requested it and his/her contract draft within a few days after having made the payment. These deadlines may be extended by italianonlinecontracts in case of an excessive load of requests received simultaneously and in case the characteristics of the transaction / relationship to be regulated by the contract render the text drafting particularly long or complex; in both cases, italianonlinecontracts shall notify the client about the delay and shall inform him/her about the new deadline for sending him/her the contract draft.